Discover & Recover (D&R) is an audit firm comprised of former hospital people that is recognized as providing professional and responsive service to its clients. Founded in 2000, it continues to expand its client base.

It started operation in Tucson, Arizona and now has clients scattered across the nation. Founded as a response to the continuing problem hospitals were facing in terms of shrinking bottom lines and underpayments from managed care organizations, the menu of services that D&R offers its clientele has grown. D&R has identified millions of dollars of underpayments for its existing clients.

The reasons for this are:

  • Contingency fee pricing.
    • No upfront costs to initiate project.
    • Client is not invoiced until recovered revenue is received.
  • Analysis performed off site
    • Minimize disruption to internal staff.
  • Comprehensive review process and systems in place to maximize output.
  • Highly qualified team members with industry experience.
  • Timely and accurate project feedback to client.
  • Process will ultimately strengthen internal controls.